Sea Angling on La Gomera (Apartment optional)

A happy skipper, having filled the ice box
with La Gomera's fish delicacies
The owner of the sample apartment/hostel premises shown and recommended in the previous posts below also happens to be a passionate sea angler and owns a comfortable small boat. He loves taking up to 4 persons on trips on the Atlantic off La Gomera, operating out of the harbour of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey. He can provide all the gear plus beer ! 
Trips are by private arrangement only and  you don't have to be a guest in his house to book his fully licensed  and taxed service. He'll also take you out if you just want a pleasure trip and maybe spot some whales or turtles.

The boat: 'Angelica One'
BUT (there's always a but) he doesn't speak English despite the fact that he has been to Ireland (even skippered boats there) umpteen times. So he wants me to come along as a translator/helper, and I will gladly oblige because I've been out on the Atlantic off Ireland for a living in a previous much loved existence and miss the smell of fish...
Anyway, 'phone me if you're interested in accommodation or fishing (or both) on 0034-922805603
... and  really, honestly, I only do this for fun !  (We must be getting old)


  1. Hi Willie,

    I'm Irish and my boyfriend is a french skipper (who likes sailing in Ireland and Scotland). We're coming to La Gomera at Christmas and would love to stay in your friends accomodation and go on a fishing trip. Do you have an email address?


    1. Sent you an e-mail. You can contact me through that account.

  2. hi willie is there any other way to contact you apart from Skype? we are interested in meeting you and going fishing. we are arriving on the 6/10 for 5 days

    1. You can 'phone me on 0034-922805603 (landline). Alternatively you can leave a comment here with your email address. Don't worry, I will not publish your email address.


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